Specs for Little Heroes

Gifting Protective Eyewear to Children with Retinoblastoma

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How does the process work?

You’re donating your hard earned money. We want you to know exactly where the money goes to work. First, you might be surprised how quickly your donation turns into a pair of protective eyewear, in the hands of a deserving family. We currently have a backlog. That means we have more kids that need glasses than we do funding to reach them all. That’s ok, because we’re growing, and we are keeping up with the backlog. Your donation helps.

Where do the kids come from?

Since we went through this recently ourselves, we have a strong network of doctors and healthcare professionals that we talk to regularly, particularly in the CT (Yale) and New York Metro area. These doctors are aware of our charity, and when they come across a deserving family, they inform them of who we are, what we do, and how they can contact us. Due to health care privacy laws, they do not give us the patients’ name. Instead, they give the family our information. The family of the child with Rb contacts us.  We confirm the case and contact their local optical shop which carries protective eyewear.  The child goes in, gets outfitted with the appropriate protective glasses.  The optical shop bills us directly.