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Gifting Protective Eyewear to Children with Retinoblastoma

One Sweet Donation

Dear Erin,
Please accept our donation to your valuable organization.  We are a small Daycare/ Pre School Center located in western New York.  We have had the privilege of knowing Nicholas and his family over the past 9 years.  Amy has kept us updated on Nicholas's diagnosis and the help and support you have given their family during this difficult time.  We would like to donate the proceeds from our "Valentine" bake sale to help you continue to provide "Specs for Little Heroes".  We could not think of a more deserving program.
Sandy, Kathy, Chaun
Lakeview Children's World

Their donation went directly to the next pair of glasses for a Little Hero. We thank them sincerely!

Nicholas is a 3 year old boy who had retinoblastoma, had his eye removed and is cancer free.  It was our sincere pleasure to gift him with a pair of glasses to protect his seeing eye.  A few months later we received this most touching letter and donation. 

Priceless Giving