Specs for Little Heroes

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Gifting Protective Eyewear to Children with Retinoblastoma

Donation from above

One of our FAVORITE little heroes continues to fight bilateral retinoblastoma. Doesn't she look adorable in her new specs? Our organization used the money donated to "Specs" in her late grandfather's name to purchase her new glasses. Enjoy your gift from above, sweet girl! I'm sure he's so proud of you! xx



Introducing our "Littlest, Little Hero", who's not too little to beat this ugly cancer. His parents are heroes too, for detecting it early. Thankful to have been connected with him through a dear childhood friend. All our best to you, sweet boy! <3


100th Recipient

ONE HUNDRED pairs of glasses ~ a huge milestone for Specs for Little Heroes! We are so proud of our work and grateful beyond words to our hundreds of caring people who have donated! These kids are powerful when protected, so watch out world, here they come! <3


Second anniversary of Specs

Happy 2nd Birthday, Specs for Little Heroes and a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us! Here's our latest little guy in his new specs!



The baby on the left has retinoblastoma. His twin brother does not. Specs bought him his protective glasses. His Godparents bought a matching pair for his brother to support and encourage him to wear them. We think this is awesome!!!