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Gifting Protective Eyewear to Children with Retinoblastoma

Feb 2012

Welcome to Specs for Little Heroes

Never in a million years did I ever think I'd be writing my first "blog post" about an organization that my family and I started in honor of our son who had cancer in his eye. It's cliche but true; you really never know what life is going to throw at you. I can tell you that this experience started out darker than dark, but you, my family, friends and fellow Rb Moms never left my side. You are my rainbow after the storm. Through this experience I've been blessed to feel the genuine love and generosity of those who've embraced my family and me. I've also had the opportunity to meet, through social networking, and waiting rooms, the most amazing group of children. They are the definition of Little Heroes!

Last May, my wonderful colleagues at E-W Elementary School presented us with a gift card to offset the price of Justin's first pair of glasses. My parents bought Justin's second pair. Today we are proud to have the opportunity, through Specs for Little Heroes, to "pay it forward".

Words cannot describe my love and admiration for my 4 year old little buddy, Justin. He runs into and through each day with a zest for life and a quest for fun and adventure. He loves harder, literally, than any kid I've ever met. Justin would not be able to be Justin without his protective glasses. I can tell you with 100% certainty he would have injured his "good right eye" without them. On several occassions Justin's fallen and hit, or run through woods and scraped, his eye area. Because of his glasses he only sustained a cut or scrape on his skin right above his glasses.

When Justin puts his glasses on first thing in the morning I sigh in relief because I know he's protected, as much as he can possibly be, for the active day that lies ahead.
Kids fall. Accidents happen. The difference is kids with Rb cannot afford to fall and injure their eyes. They cannot afford an accident to happen to them. Such accidents could leave them blind.
We cannot protect our children from everything, but I can tell you I value no object more than Justin's protective glasses.